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Russiaville, Indiana
Painted Desert Sheep are fun to raise. They are a hair breed
which means the shed their coats in the spring, no shearing
needed. They have a leaner meat carcass than the wool
breeds. They are a color and horn breed of hair sheep. They
need to  have at least 2 different colors and one must be
white. Their color patterns can be minimal all the way to very
flashy. There are 2 associations that register this breed of
sheep; Painted Desert Sheep Society and United Horned Hair
Sheep Association.

My goal is to grow nice sized horned sheep with good color,
fast growing horns and nice confirmation. This is an ongoing
process to try and reach my goals.

I enjoy watching my sheep graze and seeing the lambs run
around playing together. They can be very entertaining to

With any animal you need to provide adequate shelter, good
quality food and plenty of clean water. They need some
maintenance care like hoof trims and worming when needed.

Handling your sheep to provide care can be stressful for them
and you. I use some cattle panels to squeeze them into a
small confined area, that allows me to get my hands on them
without chasing or trying to tackle them. These sheep can
jump well when scared and may try to run over you to escape,
if they are scared bad enough. Handling them in a manner
that is safe for you and them is the best plan. I have some
ewes that are very friendly and i can work with them without
putting them in a pen. Rams are a different matter. If a ram
has no fear of humans they may challenge you and can be
very dangerous with their large horns. My rams are use to
seeing me daily, but i don't try to pet them. Any movement
around their heads they take as a threat and may swing their
massive horns in your direction. I have had a few ugly bruises
due to not paying close attention or not predicting what my
actions would cause them to do. Like any animal they want to
protect themselves if they feel threatened. Dogs can bite
where rams have their horns for protection. Never let your
guard down around a ram.
Curious George