Bridget Scarr

Bridget Scarr started from the bottom and blasted through the glass ceiling in the creative world. After losing everything when her business failed, she kept going and is now an executive producer, singer-songwriter and a writer in the United Kingdom. Scarr helps runs Colibri Studios where they do in-depth research into projects that are made to reach across worldwide platforms to tell stories. She’s helping change the world and show the world you can lose everything and still climb to the top of the mountain.


Scarr along with her employees closed the doors on her first business years ago due to an internal collapse. She found herself without money and yearning for support. She was pregnant with her son at the time making the loss every harder. Scarr found her strength through the fire and slowly gained her footing in the business world again.


She now has over 15 years production experience in television, animation and advertising. Colibri Studios is where she now calls home to her business life. She is involved daily with development and collaboration of all creative projects. She is the head of the partnerships, content development and strategies for the company to bring projects from the start to the end of development. Scarr began this journey after realizing she was basically doing the job as a television producer at her last company. She was bringing their ideas to life so why not bring her own ideas to life?


Scarr works with projects like a virtual reality or augmented reality project where users can connect to history through stories of the people that lived it. In order to do this, she works with technology making sure it makes things easy to understand and is able to bring the reality to life. She has to research the history involved and know the landmarks and facts of that time. After she does this part of the project she moves on to finding the real people that lived during this time and reaching the emotional aspect of the project. This is just one project out of the hundreds that Scarr works on. A project can take days or even years to complete.


Scarr brings life to the fact that technology is always working to bring ideas to life. She believes the magic is all around each person just waiting to make itself known and change the world.


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