Bruno Fagali, The Apex Of Legal Strategy And Business

Bruno Fagali is one of Brazil’s finest attorneys, he owns a private legal firm, Fagali Advocacy. It’s a firm that serves as a legal advocate for transparency in corporations. He provides expert legal counsel for corporations through an educational agenda. Specifically, Bruno created a program, which is a vehicle to weed out corrupt corporate practices. The intent is to provide concise information about the legal and regulatory structure, placing responsibility on the corporation for individuals who are guilty of corruption. There’s an emphasis on the merits of open honesty and structural integrity. The name of the instructional course reveals exactly what it covers, the Corporate Integrity Program.

One of the areas outside of his legal practice that Bruno is involved with regularly is maintaining the blog associated with his firm, FagasPress. The posts are compelling and often cover topics of international interest. In a recent post, Bruno’s firm took an in-depth look at the American Federal Trade Commission (SEC) and its decision to create the Whistleblower Reward Program. The program announced a high reward for those identifying corrupt officials, tax evasion, and any type of waste or fraud and dishonest corporate dealings. His specialty area includes corporations and entrepreneurs.

Bruno says that there’s much ado about the amount, $33 million, which goes on record as being the largest reward ever offered for such information. Fagali Advocacy has a unique interest in the program because the law firm had a written article incorporated into the bill’s language. A milestone for the Brazilian legal system, because Bruno is well regarded in the US for his practicality, knowledge and experience. What’s at stake? Bruno firmly believes that the reward determination should include “foreign whistleblowers.” The main emphasis is on the eligibility requirements for all whistleblowers. There’s an argument that the reward determination shouldn’t be limited to the those in the US.

For his undergraduate law degree, Bruno attended Pontifical Catholic University Of São Paulo. After graduation, he went straight into Administrative Law, while still pursuing higher degrees in law. His career began in 2006 with varying aspects of Corporate Integrity. Although Bruno is considered a business lawyer, his firm primarily focuses on corporate and individual responsiveness as exemplary measures to avoid legal missteps. His work has helped launch Brazil as a formidable player in the maintenance of Administrative legal principles. Fagali Advocacy is located in São Paulo.

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