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Peter Briger on reigniting the investment portfolio at the Fortress Investment Group

Peter Briger is considered an investment genius. His ability to break down opportunities and craft them into opportunities for the Fortress Investment Group has earned him a spot as one of the top 400 most influential business professionals as listed by Forbes Magazine. He has been with Fortress since 2002 and has risen over the ranks and is today Co-CEO and Co-Chairman of the group.

Peter Briger attended Princeton University, where he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree as part of the 1986 class. He would then attend the Wharton School of business where he graduated with an MBA. He has also been very vocal on the need to acquire education and knowledge from other sources apart from school. This for him has been achieved through experience in various committees both national and international as well as being a member of professional organizations.

His career began at Goldman Sachs who was his first employer. Peter Briger moved up the ranks in the bank, and it is here that he was given some of his first leadership roles. These roles would come in the form of fund chairman as well as committees that he led. His career would, however, take off when he became a partner at Goldman. This granted his more opportunities as he would now be trusted with more responsibilities within the bank’s ranks. This saw him develop a keen interest in the Asian market and he was able to lead the Japanese investment fund within the bank and more

Peter Briger moved to Fortress in 2002 when the group had just witnessed a five-year consecutive growth, having hit three billion in assets under management. After joining Fortress, he would work within their Credit department, which he had helped established until 2006 when he joined the board of directors. This role came with more responsibilities, and by 2007 he was among those leading their IPO. He was elected to Co-Chair the board the following year before later being appointed Co-CEO a position he still holds to date. His role in the credit division is still very prominent as he continues to lead one of the most profitable divisions of the group.