David Osio and his executive team at Davos Real Estate Group Launch its new Property Application

David Osio is the CEO and Founder of the Davos Financial Group of Companies based in Venezuela. In 1993, Davos Financial Group of Companies was incepted and had been committed towards the provision of financial advice to the Latin Americans. David Osio, working at the management level of the company, has propelled the firm into profitability. Therefore, he has developed numerous licensed and independent companies in the world including Geneva, New York, Panama and Miami.


In 1981, David Osio started working as a teller in a Latin American Bank. He began exporting coffee and became the CEO and president of the OPED Enterprise. He then moved to become an executive in another position at the COMMERCIAL PETCO COMPANIES where he spearheaded programs combined for marketing and advertisement. He was raised to become the Managing Director of the Company due o his efforts.


In 1984, David started working in a bank. He joined the Carcass Law firm and worked as banking adviser. His position helped him meet with numerous clients such as the Consolidate bank and the Ferro Corporation. He gained enormous experience in this field. His deep knowledge of the banking industry and as a legal adviser made him achieve success. He was offered a role of leadership at the Latino International Bank and the Private Banking Institution in Miami. He was appointed as the Vice President for just two years of service.


David Osio’s Davos Real Estate Group has announced the launch of its mobile application. The application allows the users estimate the amount of return on the investment I a real estate with the company. According to David Osio, the application will help investors choose the property they want to invest and calculate an estimate of what they expect to earn.


The Executive Director of Davos Real Estate Ventures said that he had worked closely with Technolution Company to have the mobile application developed. When working with the company, this app allows users to estimate the worth of a property and get the result of the profit they expect to make. The current technology developed this application. Therefore, it is here to offer the highest level of technology. It is the first to be released in a series.

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