Doe Deere – article recap

Doe Deere is the founder of Lime Crime and the Queen of Unicorns. Her makeup and hair product line is completely vegan and cruelty-free, but before Deere was creating bright shades for bold women, she was living out her childhood in Russia, dreaming of becoming a musician.

Deere has always had an entrepreneurial spirit. Her first business was in her hometown of Russia, selling temporary tattoos at the age of 13. She wore them and convinced her classmates that it was completely fine to wear temporary tattoos if that was what they wanted to do. She was a trendsetter, and her fearlessness followed her to the United States, where she settled into New York at the age of 17.

In New York City, Deere began her music career. Prior to arriving in New York, she had spent her childhood dreaming of becoming a musician. Now her dream was coming true. 14 years of her life were spent in New York, where she saw that people would come to her events to support her. She saw that people believed in her and appreciated their support.

Deere has always been a fan of bright colors, but this was during a time when plain, nude colors were in style, so she could never find the eye-popping shades for which she was searching. There was only one thing left for her to do: she had to create her own makeup.

And that’s exactly what she did.

Since the dazzling, glittery shades she wanted were not available, she started her own makeup line. Lime Crime was launched. Just like her temporary tattoo business, Deere’s makeup line was a success.

The makeup’s charming appeal and Deere’s own confidence led women and girls to eagerly buy her products. The Queen of Unicorns was initially shocked when women started showing interest in her makeup line, but Lime Crime prospered.

Having attended the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York, Deere has a firm belief that makeup, fashion, and hair work perfectly together. She believes that women and girls express themselves by what they choose to wear, how they style their hair, and what type of makeup they wear.

Doe says that makeup allows her the freedom to be who she really is, and she hopes that it gives other women who use Lime Crime products that same feeling. Learn more: