Exclusive ventures by Magnises

At only twenty-three years of age, Billy McFarland is the Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Magnises. This is a high-class social club that hosts special events and partakes in distinct deals in which only members with the club’s black card can access. The black card has the ability to be linked to the owner’s credit card or bank account for payment purposes but its main allure is the incentives it brings.

The card is totally made of metals unlike other plastic cards and weighs more than the rest of its size. By simply flashing out the card, one can get discounts at bars, clubs, restaurants, luxurious getaways and private concerts.

McFarland explained to the Business Insider that they were building a platform that brings together millennials with new startups whether online or offline. This is because every individual always carries with them their credit or debit card. They hence decided to tie them together.

Magnises has signed a co-operation deal with several businesses like Restaurants La Esquina, clubs Finale, Goldbar club, spin studio Cyc and Catch restaurant. The exclusive members can also enjoy discounted helicopter rides to the Hamptons or easily attend private shows by singers like Ja Rule and Rick Ross.

Magnises is currently only a year old but has over six thousand members who pay two hundred and fifty dollars yearly to be allowed to use the black card.

McFarland explained that they target individuals who are between twenty-one and thirty-five years of age and are working class. Their usual work market is the tech, fashion and finance industry. Those who want to join the exclusive team can fill an online application form where the Magnises panel goes through their details before approving.

They aim to incorporate their line of work with the Magnises experience. Billy McFarland is a diverse entrepreneur and owns another enterprise called Spling. Magnises is currently in twelve cities but aims at taking over the country by next year.