Families rave over saving from using Securus video visitation

Having a loved one sent to prison can be an extremely difficult experience. Many families of newly incarcerated prisoners want to know how they can stay in touch with their loved ones or if that is even possible.


Traditionally, the only ways in which family members could stay in touch with their incarcerated loved ones was through either in-person visitation or by using the prison phone system. Both of these had serious drawbacks.


In-person visitations subject family members to the indignities of going into the prison environment. Because the visitation areas present such a serious security threat to the institution, family members, including women and children, are often subjected to the same treatment that prisoners undergo. This can even include detention and strip searches for contraband.


On the other hand, the phone systems have been little better. Until the early 2000’s, phone calls from prisons often cost as much as $2 per minute. At these rates, almost no prisoners can afford to stay in contact with their family members.


But Securus Technologies has begun to change all of that. Through its highly innovative video visitation system, a proprietary system that uses VoIP-based communications technology, Securus has managed to create a product that allows for a high-quality, virtual visitation to take place, face-to-face, between prisoners and their loved ones on the outside. What’s more, the service is incredibly cheap. Throughout the United States, Securus’ video visitation only cost an average of around $0.15 per minute. At these rates, it is possible for inmates to stay in constant touch with their loved ones on the outside.


This saves tremendous amounts of money to the families of the incarcerated. They no longer have to drive hundreds of miles to see their loved ones or spend exorbitant sums of money on phone bills.