How Roberto Santiago Made Manaira Shopping Mall A Main Attraction Of Joao Pessoa

Roberto Santiago is a very well-known entrepreneur in Brazil. After graduating from college he got his start at a business that developed home and office decor. However, his dream was to own and operate his own company. He made this happen a few years later when he started a cardboard box business. His company designed and produced these boxes which were used by other Brazilian companies to package their own products in.

In 1987, Roberto Santiago bought a large area of land in Joao Pessoa that lied between the center of the city and the nearby Atlantic coast. Over the course of the next two years he oversaw a construction project to build his first mall. This mall, Manaira Shopping Mall, is the largest in the state of Paraiba, Brazil. He saw shopping malls as being the future way to buy things in Brazil and the success of Manaira Shopping Mall. Over the last few years the Brazilian economy had been tanking but both of the malls now owned by Roberto Santiago, Manaira Shopping Mall and Mangeira Shopping Mall, have done just fine despite this. Now that the economy is once again growing the future success of both malls seems assured.

Manaira Shopping Mall was designed by Roberto Santiago to be a destination that shoppers and those seeking entertainment would return to on a regular basis. He made sure that the mall included plenty of entertainment that could be enjoyed by visitors of all ages. The mall has a state-of-the-art movie theater, laser tag, a bowling alley, and an extensive arcade. There is also a large area for babies and toddlers to safely enjoy themselves as well as other options.

The food court at Manaira Shopping Mall has been a key focus of Roberto Santiago’s over the years. He has expanded it twice in order to add in more options over the years. When the mall was opened it contained regular mall food such as Burger King, Mcdonald’s, Chinatown, a coffee shop and other fare that is relatively inexpensive. The mall now offers sit-down mid-priced options like an Italian restaurant as well as one that specializes in grilled food. The lastest expansion was to introduce high-end cuisine at Manaira Shopping Mall. The restaurants occupying this space are Capital Steak, Espaco Gourmet, and NAU Restaurant.

Always seeking to offer people new experiences, about 10 years ago Roberto Santiago added a concert space to the mall called Domus Hall. It has enough space for 10,000 concert-goers and has attracted musical groups from across Brazil as well as international acts. Roberto Santiago designed this space to be very customizable and so it has also held graduation and wedding ceremonies as well as many other types of events.