Jason Hope: IOT in the Airline Industry

No one understands IOT, or The Internet of Things, quite like Jason Hope. Simply put, the IOT consists of normal, everyday objects that have been connected to the Internet through a wireless connection. They communicate with each other to make our lives easier, more fast-paced, and safer. A technological research firm, Gartner Inc., believes that by the year 2020 there will be more than 25 billion different things connected to that network. It can be exciting and terrifying at the same time. We live in a world where information is widely available, even if it’s not necessarily required to get through the day.

Jason Hope recently penned an article entitled “Tapping In: Jason Hope Reveals How IOT Is Revamping the Airline Industry” that he believes many people would be interested in reading. The reason is that air travel is more popular than ever and the IOT has been integrated into many parts of that system. One of the ways that the systems use the IOT is through Bluetooth and Beacon technology. In a way, they are simply transmitting to other devices where they are in the sky, much like what people suppose that radars do. Jason Hope explained that these beacons are so small they can be confused for stickers on normal devices, meaning that they take up much less space.

He wants travelers to understand that more than 37% of airline companies are implementing plans that will integrate IOT technology into their systems. There are 58% more of these companies that plan to implement those changes within the next three years. This means that many different types of airline companies are looking at the cost and benefits of utilizing more current IOT technology. Travelers will find that they will be more in touch with the rest of the world as they travel all over it.

Jason Hope is an exceptional figure in the world of technology. He received his business degree from the W. P. Carey Business School at Arizona State University. He went on to found numerous companies and invest in various projects that he saw to be quite lucrative. These successful investment strategies helped earn him the title as a remarkably skilled futurist. He understands that a greater reliance on the IOT is simply where humanity is moving towards, the airline industry is simply another wheel in the cog that is IOT. He continues to give valuable advice through his writing.

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