Jim Hunt Shares Expert Financial Advice with Everyday Investors

Jim Hunt wants to help ordinary men and women make money investing in the stock market on Crunchbase. He is convinced that with a nominal initial investment of 1000 pounds, anyone can become a millionaire. The key is picking stocks that are are trending upwards, which he claims is an accessible feat. To prove it he launched the “Make Mum a Millionaire in just 10 Trades” challenge with VTA Publications where he is the CEO.

Established in 2012, VTA Publications is an investment advisory firm that is geared towards helping the average investor plan for life and retirement. Hunt handpicks sources from his broad network of expert investors that he has acquired through his many years working in the City. He then publishes online and printed guides that teach new investors economic and financial basics.

Beyond providing easy to follow distance learning courses, VTA Publications also organizes seminars and events where investors can meet face to face with financial experts. Future investors first learn about stocks and bonds and then ask questions about how to tailor their investment portfolio on prnewswire.co.

Jim Hunt has taught thousands of people how to safely invest their nest egg and watch it grow. His patient and nonaggressive approach towards investing has helped him earn his reputation as a reliable financial consultant. He shares his strategies about how to accurately predict market trends and activities at https://www.prnewschannel.com/2016/11/17/jim-hunt-of-vta-publications-offers-weekly-market-analysis-in-face-of-uncertain-economic-climate/.