Luminesce moisturizing lotion proves Jeunesse Global is leader in beauty

Jeunesse Global has proven to be one of the most astounding success stories in the global health and beauty industry over the last 50 years. The company was founded in September of 2009 by industry pioneers Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis. The couple had been involved in the direct-marketing business since they were young adults, achieving enough success and fortune by the time they were in their 30s that they never had to work again.

But Ray and Lewis not only continued working, they continued creating some of the most successful companies in the field. As they approached their late 60s, however, the industrious couple finally decided that they would give the retired life a shot. Ray and Lewis quickly found out that they were not cut out for days of idleness and boredom. Within just two weeks of retiring, they had already founded another company.

Jeunesse Global, as the firm would eventually become known, started as a tiny operation that Ray and Lewis ran out of their garage. But this was no ordinary hobby business and it was run by no ordinary pair of retirees. Soon, Ray and Lewis began tapping into their vast experience, industry connections and sharp business instincts. Their company began growing quickly, then exponentially. Before long, Jeunesse Global had gone from a company whose headquarters was contained between a minivan and a bike rack to one of the most serious contenders in the global health and beauty industry.

While there are many factors that make Ray, Lewis and the company they created unique, the most important factor that has propelled Jeunesse to such dizzying heights has been the superb quality and innovation reflected in its products. A good example of this is the company’s Luminesce skin crème. Luminesce is a moisturizer and skin crème that can hold its own against anything on the market. It comes at a competitive price that makes its purchase as a pure moisturizer an easy sell. But Luminesce also contains one of the most powerful anti-aging substances known to science: APT-200. This means using Luminesce regularly can wipe years off of a user’s appearance.