Stability of the capital structure of a company is essential as it determines a lot, especially the longevity of business. Most companies today are closing due to high debts and insufficient revenue. Recapitalization of a company’s capital structure is paramount to optimize a given company’s capital structure. Besides, it also helps to fend off cases of hostile takeovers.


Ares Security Corporation is based in Vienna. Corbell Structured Equity Corporation furnished the minority recapitalization of this company. The purpose of this exercise was to optimize the equity value of the company and thereby to increase the sales revenue of Ares Security Corporation.Madison Street Capital was instrumental in the partnering of the two companies. Madison Street Capital not only provided the financial advice to Ares security corporation but also was involved in the valuation of the companies equity.


Madison Street Capital


Madison Street Capital is an international investment firm that offers various services to the financial sector. These services include; assessing of both private and publicly owned enterprises, facilitating mergers and acquisition and provision of financial advice to various companies. Through the delivery of these services, Madison Street Capital has been able to live up to its reputation of integrity and excellence and provision of financial services. This reputation has enabled the company to attract clients from all over the world.


Currently, Charles Botchway is the CEO of Madison Street Capital. The excellent leadership of Charles Botchway is instrumental in Madison street capital reputation of excellence. He has played a crucial role as a leader of the company that as per now boasts of transacting over 100 exclusive deals.


Madison Street Capital has thrived in the financial sector by providing a unique solution to each client. By partnering Ares Security Corporation with Corbell Structured Equity Corporation, Ares Security Corporation was able to optimize its capital structure through recapitalization.


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