Magnises is a fantastic private club which offers a broad range of benefits to the young people who are new to the city. The club opens new vistas of socialising and getting access to the new and exciting events around the city. The result is that you will get to socialise and increase your connections like a king.

Magnises was introduced by Billy McFarland, an American entrepreneur. He is the CEO of Spiling and CEO of Magnises Black Card. McFarland had his earliest business stint at the age of 13 when he started his first company which matched its clients with their designers. In the month of August 2013 Billy MacFarland founded Magnises and on March 1, 2014, made the Black Card public. Magnises has expert investors and advisers like Lance Weaver, ex-chairman of Master Card, Bill Gray, who ran the advertising team of American Express.

What is Magnises Black Card?

The Magnises Black Card just transfers the data of your existing debit or credit card on to its magnetic strip and allows you to use the card everywhere. Your original debit card or credit card also continues to work normally.

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Who can be a member?

For now, the Magnises Black Card allows members from New York and Washington DC. However, Billy plans to extend his plans to Atlanta, Los Angeles, Boston, Chicago and London. There is no age limit to be the member of this amazing Black Card. However, 85% of the cardholders mainly fall in the age group of 21 to 29 years. Magnises does not necessarily take into account the member’s income or profession. The company is more concerned about the way its customer spends and adds to the current economy. The main motto of the company is to maintain diversity and connect people from various backgrounds.

What it takes for me to be a member?

There is no initial payment to be a member. You just have to fill out the application form on their official website followed by a phone interview. After being a member, you have to deposit an annual fee of $250.


Now, comes the best part of the learning various, amazing perks that only the member of the Magnises Black Card can enjoy. They are as follows:

1. More Social Life: Currently, Magnises has over 50 connections so that it can make the life of its member better and fulfilling. The company takes care of each and every aspect of its member’s life. From your fitness trainer to your shopping spree habit, Magnises has a track of everything and ensures that you get the best of both worlds. Magnises organises many exciting social meetings and parties like chef classes, educational seminars, happy hours, etc., for its members.

2. Club House: As a member, you can hop into the clubhouse of Magnises anytime. The cardholders can come here, have meetings with their clients, relax, watch games on TV, etc.