Malcolm CasSelle Advances Business Operations at WAX

The president and Chief Executive Officer of Wax (Worldwide Asset eXchange), Malcolm CasSelle has been thriving in asset exchange business for quite some time now. Some of the companies where he has served include Groupon China located in Shanghai. While working at this company, he helped in its growth and increased the amount of revenue earned by the company every financial year.


Mostly, his work entails providing e-commerce for purchasing good by the extensive use of video games. Malcolm CasSelle has held various influential positions in various top selling companies. This visionary man was the CEO of Timeline Labs among others. He has been a very influential force within the animation industries and has contributed to the growth of companies with his inventions.


In addition, he is also a renowned investor with social media companies such as Facebook and much more. He is proficient in speaking Mandarin and Japanese. Malcolm CasSelle studied in Stanford University for a computer science degree and also went to MIT to perfect the same knowledge and skills. He has led well in all the companies that he has worked for and has achieved all the goals and missions of these digital firms. His business ideas have always proved to be successful upon implementation because of his strategic planning and excellent decision-making skills.


For WAX, Malcolm has invented new policies that will increase the company’s revenue through reduction of rates during the purchase of games. This will consequently affect the number of clients served by the company. Introduction of tokenization is another key advancement of the company that aims at improving the value of assets.


Malcolm CasSelle has also come up with ways of enhancing the monitoring of tokens and the assets that they link to. This has greatly improved the company’s productivity. The company has as well invented ways of creating greater opportunities for collectors of their video games. They also enable the merging of WAX and physical assets hence maximizing on matters of security.


The company has developed to the point where new and unique classes of assets that will remain to thrive even after many years.