Malcolm CasSelle Brings OPSkinsOnto The Blockchain

When you think about the largest bitcoin merchant on the planet, you probably think about some massive financial institution. However, the reality is much more surprising. OPSkins is the largest bitcoin merchant in the world, as well as the leader in virtual asset sales for video games. The company boasts a worldwide following, with numerous users who make micro-payments for virtual assets without ever having to worry about borders or government interference.

However, there is one issue. OPSkins still relies on a centralized market, which limits them technologically, and puts a few hurdles in the way of a seamless crypto market. Naturally, the next step would be to decentralize the market, and the creators of OPSkins couldn’t agree more.

OPSkins, led by Malcolm CasSelle, plans to launch a new blockchain platform specifically tailored for virtual asset trading. The platform is called WAX, which is short for worldwide asset exchange. While one might wonder why it isn’t called WAE, that would be beside the point. WAX is a peer-to-peer market meant to allow the trading of virtual assets via blockchain technology and smart contracts, which claims to improve trading efficiency and security.

Malcolm CasSelle

CasSelle is the CIO of OPSkins, and, more recently, the President of WAX. He’s an active investor in technology companies such as Zynga and Facebook, and with funds in blockchain verticals as well as big data. Additionally, he speaks both Mandarin as well as Chinese and holds degrees in Computer Science from both Stanford as well as MIT.

Before OPSkins, CasSelle served as the President and CTO with Tribune Publishing, later known as tronc. Prior to that, he had worked as the SVP as well as GM of Digital Media with SeaChange International, which had acquired Timeline Labs, a company with which he had served as CEO.

Additionally, he had led a number of startups such as MediaPass, Xfire, and a joint venture between Groupon and Tencent. Prior to that, he worked with PCCW, a Hong Kong telecom, as a co-founder. To say that CasSelle is qualified would be a gross understatement, and his current ventures with WAX show immense promise.