Many Websites Have Been Created by Don Ressler

Don Ressler is a serial entrepreneur who is always working on starting a new company of some sort. He has put together a remarkable track record that all of his competitors envy. He has the knowledge and experience to continuously come up with great ideas that eventually become very successful. There are a wide variety of reasons why this has happened so often in Ressler’s career on Brandettes. He has shared a few of his secrets during various interviews he has given over the years.

First of all, Don always stresses the importance of being prepared. He takes long periods of time to assemble the perfect team to help him run all of the startups he launches. He cannot do everything by himself. Therefore, Don Ressler needs to have intelligent and competent people around him in key positions of power. This allows Don to delegate responsibility without any fear that something is going to get messed up if he is not handling it personally.

Another thing that must be carefully considered is which products or services that you are going to offer. Don makes sure that he chooses industries that would be fairly easy to make an impact in very quickly. For example, Don noticed that there were not a lot of great sites that sold cosmetics and skincare products on Don believed that this area of eCommerce would be ripe for the picking if he played his cards right. He launched Dermstore and it was not long before he was raking in the cash.

Don also says that the pitch you make to potential investors will determine the fate of your startup. You will need to get money to get your startup off the ground. You will need to pay for a web designer, a web hosting company, a call center service to handle all of your customer calls, a marketing company to promote your new online business and a staff to run it. Therefore, you need to make a convincing pitch to all of the parties who are interested in investing in your startup venture. Don Ressler had to make a pitch like this when he was attempting to get financing for his JustFab clothing site. He says a great pitch makes all the difference. See: