Marc Sparks: An Entrepreneur With A Vision For Humanity

To say that Marc Sparks is a successful serial entrepreneur only would seriously diminish everything that he does for the world at large and the people who live in it. A better term for Marc would be a genius with a generous heart and a hope for humanity that inspires anyone who comes into contact with him.

His leadership abilities are second to none, and everyone who has worked for him, with him, or has benefited from his guidance comes away feeling valued, understood, listened to, and helped in a way that they’ve never experienced before.

Marc is of great interest to me, because he is one of those unusual people who not only helps himself succeed, but also ensures that anyone who needs a hand up gets it. He literally has hit the top and sent the elevator back down!

Marc’s time spent helping people through a homeless shelter in Texas called The Samaritan Inn has been very fruitful. Since the late eighties his support for the homeless and those in need has included him personally taking part in the construction of over a dozen homes.

At The Samaritan Inn, roughly 160 people take up residence nightly and their average stay is five months. Their they receive all of the help they need including financial education, job placement, counseling, family services, and access to health programs that are much needed among people who’ve experienced poverty and harder times.

Marc is also involved with helping at-risk kids so they can become free of the cycle of poverty and poor education. He’s done this by starting up the “Sparky’s Kids” foundation where he has given over a thousand new computers to the children who need them most. He also supports the American Can! Academy, a network of magnet high schools.

What enables Marc to offer his support, is his entrepreneurial ability to help people take their ideas and visions and turn them into profitable business’s. As head of Timber Creek Capital, a private equity (family office) firm that specializes in turning the dreams of passionate entrepreneurs into sought after; revenue-generating services and products, Mr. Sparks has over sixty startups under his belt.

The profit he generates from his successes is what funds his philanthropic efforts. Developing both short-term and long-term goals as well as growth plans for a business is his expertise, and offering people the capital they need to get their vision off of the ground is his every day cup of tea.

In his spare time, Marc Sparks travels around the world for adventure and to gain insight into people. He truly is an entrepreneur with a vision for humanity that anyone could learn from. I hope that more people in the world will emulate his model for success and helping others to do the same.