Mike Baur Continues To Inspire Entrepreneurial Growth Among Young Creatives

Mike Baur is a Switzerland entrepreneur and professional whose presence in the world of entrepreneurship has created many opportunities for upcoming entrepreneurs. Through his company, the Swiss Startup Factory, he has been working with young and talented startups by offering them a three months incubation service that allows them to prepare well for the complex market.


Founded in 2014, the Swiss Startup Factory is the biggest incubation facility in Switzerland and its impact to upcoming entrepreneurs has continually spread across the country. Through this incubation program, startups are taken through the dynamics of the market and supported to enter the market with the right tools.


Accounting support

Accounting is one of the most important aspects of business that every startup should put into consideration. Most startups are led by people who are not skilled when it comes to keeping accounting records and this could spell doom for the young business. Keeping track of the performance of the business through its finances is a vital process that allows for better planning and execution of ideas. The Swiss Startup Factory offers startups accounting support to ensure they make the right decisions and they are able to understand the health status of the entity at any given time.


Financial support

Finances are one of the biggest challenges among startups and young entrepreneurs. Despite having a good idea that holds the potential to become a successful business, startups often find it challenging to proceed if there is lack of finances to power the idea. The Swiss Startup Factory has been working with successful investors, who avail the needed support to help the startups to proceed towards attaining their goals. These experts also offer insight into the structure of the business and allow the entrepreneurs to understand the best ways they can configure operations for optimal performance.


Additionally, the Swiss Startup Factory offers post-accelerator support, which is taken through five months after the startup graduates from the three months incubation program. This is necessary especially considering the startup may not be in the best position to implement all the ideas shared during incubation. The Swiss Startup Factory oversees the process to ensure the startup makes the right steps and in the event of a mistake they are guided early enough before disaster sets in. Mike Baur is confident the program will continue to grow and will offer support to hundreds of creative entrepreneurs, who have ideas but lack the support to push their ideas to reality.