Nathaniel Ru, the Brains behind the Blossoming Of Sweetgreen

The epitome of sweetgreen traces back to the final semester of Nathaniel Ru and his two friends at Georgetown University. The three recall facing a difficulty in finding a decent place to what they described as fun and easy. That informed their desires and spiced up the need to establish such an eatery within that location.

Currently, Sweetgreen has many branches across the United States of America especially in the cities of Northeast and their suburbs. The idea that the founders had was supported by the fact that their landlord saw the effort they had made and advised them to come up with a proper business plan that would encompass both the ideologies of an architect and backers.

The company was up and running when they got the backing up for their desire to try their concept.

Nathaniel Ru holds on to the fact that in starting a business, one should know that the target market comprises of individuals who are not interested in what you do, but in the way you do it. A comprehensive analogy of this is in the naming of the company.

The name makes the company look like a place to buy food only, which is not the case as the company from its inception has been dealing with more than just the salads, which are termed as greens.

Sweetgreen is a name that was well thought about and had a deeper purpose by reflecting the company in a situation that is more like the same to the naming of the Apple company.

About Nathaniel Ru

Nathaniel Ru graduated in 2007 from the school of Business at Georgetown University, United States of America after starting up sweetgreen with his two friends before their last semester in Campus. He had a robust and passionate belief that every individual is entitled to food that satisfies the needs.

Moreover, to him, a fitting food is one that upholds the values, tastes, budget, and imaginations alongside the community food specifications. After the inception of Sweetgreen, he went ahead to invest in other companies raising the tally of his investments to four companies.

His primary interest was in the restaurants, and this led to the launching of sweetlife, a company that embraces the well-being of the community by meeting the dietary needs of every individual in the society with the products that are supplied by the local farmers.

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