NewsWatch Helps Tech Companies to get Ahead

The television program NewsWatch provides many tech companies a medium to inform consumers about their products, services and latest technology. The company has helped to generate millions of dollars in sales. After they air stories about these organizations on their program, millions of consumers typically respond in a positive way to what is going on. The testimonials below are from tech companies that have used NewsWatch services to help their organizations to get ahead.

First up is the gaming gear company Steelseries. The company specializes in the production of headphones and controllers for consoles. These units are customized for each individual consumer and their use. NewsWatch marketed the Steelseries brand and the campaign proved successful. Millions of viewers tuned in to the episodes which aired the Steelseries campaign. Soon the company was able to get more people interested in their products. Their marketing and production efforts increased and so did their bottom line.

Another tech company called Avanca experienced similar results. They needed to fund money for a project. They decided to use the NewsWatch’s program to help with a crowdfunding campaign. As a result of NewsWatch’s exposure, Avanca generated over $450,000 which is way more than what they projected or even needed. Thanks to NewsWatch, Avanca was able to accomplish their project and had extra money to put toward other endeavors.

A company called Contour has created a new workstation for computer users. Instead of the simple mouse and keyboard setup; this keyboard hardware has been ergonomically designed with a special track bar located in the center of the unit. Contour wanted consumers to know about this product.

They created a marketing campaign through NewsWatch and it was successful. Contour’s sales rose significantly as a result of the NewsWatch campaign. Ultimately, NewsWatch helps companies to succeed because of their superb news reporting and exposure to their large audiences.