Riding the Wealth Wave: VTA Publications

Jim Hunt, VTA advisor, recently talked about his new strategy Wealth Wave. He compares the rise and fall of the stock market to waves, and how someone can make money off the falling stock market. It is compared to a surfer catching a wave on the way down.

The stock market is about the proper timing. Many have the misconception that the money is lost when the stock market crashes, but that is not true. It simply is transferred to somewhere else or someone else. So why not be that someone else? Wealth Wave teaches clients how to bet on the stock market in a new way with cutting edge information. They teach them how to spread bet, so they can learn how and when to trade.

VTA Publications is a company that provides resources, DVDs, books, and other materials, to help the customers learn how to achieve their goals. They find the most successful experts to write and produce these resources to help their clients reach their financial and business goals.  Be sure to check out Jim Hunt’s videos on YouTube about the Wealth Wave system, and what VTA Publications can teach the average person.