Roberto Santiago: Giving Brazil a taste of world-class luxuries

Roberto Santiago is among the most famous businessmen and entrepreneurs in Brazil. He has invested in various sectors and is renowned in Brazil for owning Mangabeira Shopping Mall and Manaira Shopping Mall, two of the widely known malls in the country.


Manaira Shopping Mall was launched in 1989 and became very popular soon after. It offered world-class luxuries and facilities that were new to the city, fulfilling their desire for a recreation destination. It is located in Joao Pessoa, a metropolitan town in Brazil that is very developed. It covers 145,000 square meters, making it the biggest shopping mall in Joao Pessoa. Its parking space has a capacity of over 3,000 vehicles, and its gross leasable area is 75,000 square meters. It is ever with people and activities that entertain and engage the customers. Local and international brands are stocked in the flagship stores located I n the mall. It currently presents itself as multipurpose Mall that houses a gymnasium, college and concert hall.


Domus Hall, the concert hall in Manaira Shopping Mall, has a capacity of ten thousand people standing and four thousand sitting. It attracts international and local talents, and the ORappa band performed there in 2016. The Mall also encourages cultural expressions, and Roberto has joined hands with the purchasing center to participate in social projects that provide children from various institutions with the chance to comprehend exhibitions in an exciting method. Roberto Santiago’s experience in development of infrastructure, mainly mall construction is gained from building Mangabeira Shopping Mall, his first mall.


Roberto Santiago began his entrepreneurship with a cartonnage company a few decades ago. He designed and manufactured cardboard cartons which he sold to institutions for their packaging needs. Under his able leadership, the company expanded and achieved great accomplishments. He entered into the allotments sector where he acquired skills and experience that honed his entrepreneurial abilities. He began his professional career with the opening of Café Santa Rosa. Besides being an entrepreneur, Roberto has an interest in sports, where he also does very well.


He has competed in Kart championships and became the first Brazilian to win. He also participated in motocross competitions and became the champion in the Northeast for the 250cc category, and in the Parabaino championship in 125 cc and 250vc categories.

Roberto was born in Joao Pessoa where he also grew up. He attended the Pio X-Marist College. Santiago later joined the Joao Pessoa University Center to study a business administration degree. He advocates for social change and is adamant on the struggles of employees thus he lives every day championing for their rights and using civil unions to mobilize them. He pegs his success on unfaltering commitment, hard work, discipline, and passion.