Roberto Santiago; the True Story of Grass to Grace through the Woods

It is almost impossible to talk about business success in Brazil without mentioning the name of Roberto Santiago. He is a man who has weathered the toughest of conditions and business rivalry to reach the top. He is best known for starting The Manaira Shopping Mall in the heart of Joao Pessoa. Roberto Santiago exemplifies an ordinary Brazilian; brought up in the hood alongside his peers and siblings, and navigating his way to success through the challenges that nearly everybody faces. Roberto Santiago is a native of Joao Pessoa. He attended the University Center of Joao Pessoa where he graduated with a Business Administration degree. After School, he first joined Café Santa Rosa after which he left and began his own company. He started off by selling cardboards made of carton material.

A Focused and Resilient Entrepreneur

Roberto seems to have been wired with an entrepreneurial mind; he was always searching for something that would stir those around him to think critically about business. Roberto Santiago soon joined Real Estate ventures. It was not until 1987 that he managed to acquire a large piece of land and decided to set up the famous Manaira Mole. The mall is a spectacle to view. It occupies an area estimated to be about 7 5000M2 in Joao Pessoa. The dream mall that Manaira became has over 280 shopping stores. The mall has all the facilities and amenities you would think of in a major town mall. It contains shopping stalls, banks, a gym and a college.

The Malls’ Impact

The greatness of an iconic structure is appreciated through putting it to the use it was intended. The Manaira mall has many distinctive features that remain on the memories of those who visit Joao Pessoa. It has a rooftop hall named Domus. Domus is an ultra-modern hall that has attracted lots of attention from event organizers. There is also the space that newlyweds live to use for the main function as well as their reception. If you would like to enjoy some music, whether it is the famous Brazilian Samba or Salsa, there are soundproof discotheques that play music to the heartbeat of the revelers.

Well, if you thought that the Manaira Shopping Mall is all that Roberto Santiago has, you had better check again. The man is also credited with starting the famous Mangeira Mall. It is just as huge and magnificent as Manaira. Roberto Santiago has not only benefitted from his ventures but also empowered thousands of youths looking for employment. His two malls have employed hundreds of people directly and many others.

Even with his business genius, he was asked what he thinks will impact the community the most. According to the investor, to make a meaningful impact, one must be prepared to serve others and invest in what promotes the livelihood of those around him.