Securus Ensnares Criminals With New Tech

Securus Technology has unveiled a new software program that is really going to make life difficult for gangs and organized criminals. It is so ingenious that I am scared to share this on this blog. If these criminals knew exactly how the software worked, they might develop a workaround. But until they really figure this thing out, this software should catch a lot of them in the act.


It’s called Investigator Pro 4.0 with voice search. You see, this technology company is the telephone service provider for thousands of prisons across the country. In the act of providing this telephone service, the company records every phone call going in and out. That means that law enforcement can listen to inmates talk to anybody on the outside. And it should come as no surprise that prisoners are affiliated with criminals on the outside. Many of them are involved with gangs or other organized crime units.


Now criminals already know that the phone calls are recorded. But what they don’t know is that Securus has taken the next step. They’ve developed an algorithm that can analyze a voice over a telephone call. This voice is then mapped so that its unique signature can be traced. Essentially, these telephones can identify who is calling the prisoner.


Every time this particular person calls the prison, the phone call is flagged. This can give law enforcement critical information.


This technology is that corkboard. It can put a face to every voice that comes in and out of that jail. With this data, law enforcement can decipher the structure of the gang or an organized crime unit. Without knowing it, these criminals are giving this information away.