Shafik Sachedina Biography

Dr. Shafik Sachedina, a high profiled individual in the United Kingdom, is a philanthropist aimed to bring a significant change in the Ismaili community as a whole. For many decades committed to evolving the Ismaili community not just in the UK but across the globe, Dr Shafik involves in the Institute of Ismaili Studies as an advisory and a member. The institute advocates the Muslim culture and also promotes its history.

Dr. Sachedina, born in Dar Esalaam in the year 1950, moved to the United Kingdom in his adolescence. Shafik joined a medical school known as the Guy Medical Hospital in London. Afterwards, he joined London Dental School where he achieved experience as a dental surgeon.

Dr Shafik Sachedina helps to strongly emphasize the information about the Muslim culture and knowledge of the Islamic community to all community members. Therefore, he ensures the influence of the Ismaili community is growing significantly. Also, he works in association with the Aga Khan Foundation, a group that works in enhancing the livelihood and welfare of the Ismaili community members across the globe. Dr Shafik Sachedina is a coordinator in many of the community’s organizations and a genuine volunteer in the Ismaili community’s missions.

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Dr Shafik Sachedina is a joint chairman of the United Kingdom’s senior healthcare center known as the Sussex Healthcare. Through his vision and strategies, Dr Shafik helps the institution in spreading further in care giving and medical services. Sussex Healthcare cares for people with life-challenging situations such the neurological condition, dementia and learning disabilities. In his leadership, Dr Sachedina ensures all the seniors residing in the institution enjoy life without the mental or physical pain. The facility provides a healing society where every patient works towards the development of the other patient. The patients get a comprehensive medical checkup and nutritious food at all time.

In the United Kingdom, Dr Shafik Sachedina attained his degree in dental surgery in the London University in the year 1975. Following the achievement, he practiced dentistry for many years ensuring that his patients received the correct attention. Also, he associated with a number of the healthcare facilities where he served in various roles. Dr Sachedina lead in the delegations to solve confrontational issues of Syria and Afghanistan. On two occasions, he became the Ismaili community president. Dr Shafik’s ambition for leadership keeps running to help as a well-wisher. Therefore, he brings a positive change in every institution he gets involved.