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Fintech Companies Founder James Gutierrez Focuses On Low-Income Solutions

James Gutierrez is the Founder of two fintech companies named Oportun and Aura, which he started with the purpose of trying to find a way to close the wealth gap in the US that exists between the top 50%, who are more financially secure, and the lower 50%, who are still experiencing a great deal of struggle when it comes to generating and maintaining wealth. He feels that even though the disparities in wealth affect all Americans, minorities like Blacks and the Latin-X population are the most hurt by it, so they need more help when it comes to things like getting loans and improving their credit score.

Through his company Aura, James Gutierrez provides low-interest loans to people who need financing, and both of his companies have the type of innovative technology that will help them maneuver around the system to get a decent credit score, a move that will push them closer toward financial health or recovery. As CDFI certified companies, Oportun and Aura are committed to serving communities that have been under-represented for a long time. When the Covid-19 pandemic hit, this posed a bigger challenge for minorities on the financial scale, so James Gutierrez continued to look for solutions that would keep low-income families more secure during this time. And he is currently in the process of building a mobile platform for insurance and banking solutions for Latin-X people, and for other under-served groups.

James Gutierrez believes that companies that are responsible are capable of helping improve struggling lower-income households and moving them toward more stability, and he feels that they can also work to lobby for regulations that will support much-needed changes for those who are in great financial need so that the wealth gap between the top 50% and lower 50% can get a little closer to being filled.

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