TempusLabs and CancerLinQ Collaborate For Better Cancer Treatment and Research

Tempus is a leading innovator for cancer research in Chicago. The unique health infrastructure that this organization provides helps countless scientists gain valuable insight and evidence in the process of cancer treatment. Their recent partnership with artificial intelligence organization CancerLinQ from New York has made them even more available on the front lines.

Patterns for better treatment provide a great deal of opportunities that are both reliable and noteworthy in the industry. TEmpus hopes that the partnership will yield meaningful gains and incredible opportunities in the future. Steadfast results including database information from CancerLinQ make it possible for the two organizations to succeed through multiple stages of development. The integration of artificial intelligence programming and expertise may be influential in optimizing existing standards for cancer sequencing and research.This is another link in the process towards connecting Big Data initiatives and cancer.

Eric Lefkofsky is a co-founder for TempusLabs. He founded the initiative with the goal of improving cancer treatment strategies and outcomes of research. Their current partnerships have fostered a network of more than fifty different institutions. More than one hundred and thirty million dollars were raised in capital to pursue these initiatives and have provided lasting results at many levels.

Lefkofsky has consistently demonstrated his interest in improving treatment research as well as access the scientists may have to data in the process of sequencing. Genomic information can vastly change the way that treatment and research takes place in multiple areas of oncology. With more implementation throughout bureaucracy and a larger sample size of data to work with it is possible for medical institutions and research facilities to collaborate and make progress towards better treatment outcomes.

His initiatives are set in motion in order to improve patient and physician access to integral data and infrastructure. The partnership between TempusLabs and CancerLinQ can help this take place while providing a basis for further research and development.