The Capital Group Is a Reliable Investment Firm

Timothy D. Armour is currently the chairman and CEO of an organization that is referred to as the Capital Group. He is also the chairman and principal executive officer of Capital Research and management Company, Inc., which is also a part of the Capital Group. He is currently the chairman of the Capital Group Companies Management Committee as well.Timothy D. Armour has assumed the position of an equity portfolio manager. He currently possesses 34 years of experience with investments, all of which he has earned with the organization of Capital Group.

In the earlier days of his career as an equity investment analyst of Capital Group, he had covered both U.S service companies and global telecommunications. He had begun his career at the organization of Capital Group as a participant of the Associates Program. He currently possesses a bachelor’s degree in the subject of economics from Middlebury College. He is currently working in the great city of Los Angeles, California.If you are looking to invest your capital through an organization that has become well renowned as one that truly exists to help people, it’s highly recommended for you to see what the Capital Group may be able to offer you.

The Capital Group is an organization that truly values their investors/clients, as they are the ones that essentially keeps the business going. If you are wanting to speak with Timothy D. Armour, you may want to consider asking him about what some of his own personal favorite strategies of investing are/have been. You may find that some of the strategies that he had used in the past are some that you have recently begun using, thus, encouraging you to continue to push forth with your endeavors in the way that you have been doing. Be sure to contact the Capital Group today.