The Evolution of Fabletics

Fabletics is a very interesting company that has managed to give me people a whole new perspective on athletic clothing for women. This company is not very old, but Kate Hudson has been running things like a seasoned professional. So many people have seen what Kate Hudson has done with Fabletics, and they have gained interest in this clothing line. Investors are ready to invest, and shoppers are ready to shop. This is what check Kate Hudson has managed to do as the co-founder and frontline face of The Fabletics brand. She has certainly made it her decision to go above and beyond what is happening in the area of athletic clothing and give women something that they have not seen before.


Kate has managed to do this by connecting customers to a clothing lifestyle quiz. They can go to the Fabletics site and take the quiz in order to become familiar with any clothing that may fit the type of athletic needs that they may have. Once they have an idea of the outlet clothing that they need it will be much easier for them to set up a VIP membership.


It is through the VIP membership that people have a chance to engage in automatic shipments each month. This is how Kate Hudson has succeeded in building a company that can compete successfully against Amazon and other athletic clothing companies. There is definitely no need for people to go online and spend hours shopping when they can simply connect with a website that gives them the chance to order things that can be sent each month based on preferences.


Everyone may not know about this, but it is slowly starting to become a big topic now that the Fabletics brand is building so much credibility for quality clothing. Many people may not be able to trust some of the clothing sellers that are marketing clothes through Amazon. These are often small clothing companies that may have a name that has not been heard of. There’s no brand awareness for some of the clothing retailers that sell through Amazon. Many people would much rather connect with a clothing company that they can trust. That is how Fabletics is starting to build a much larger fanbase. It is a company that has the ability to attract any customers because Kate is always promoting the brand. She takes about Fabletics religiously.