The Importance Of Humility According To Sawyer Howitt

Humility is actually a lot more important than many people realize. While a lot of people who hold some higher positions at work tend to have a cocky and arrogant attitude, the people who own businesses tend to be some of the humblest people that anyone can come across. For one thing, the business owner has worked very hard and figured out how he is to network with others. At the same time, the business owner often has come from nothing in order to build his business and career. This often brings forth humility. Meanwhile, the ambitious person who is hoping to become owner by climbing up the ladder is often going to be the more arrogant type. Often times, he presents the owner as arrogant.

An example o humility is Sawyer Howitt. He is an entrepreneur that has started very young and has become a successful entrepreneur at a young age. Given that he is young, he has seen the importance of being very humble. For one thing, he is open to new experiences and insights. He is also willing to speak to others as if he is a friend and not someone who is lower than him. He does not see himself as inherently better than anyone because he runs a successful business. Sawyer Howitt is a senior high school of Lincoln High School.

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According to, entrepreneurs would be humble anyway because they are more likely than not to be making money off of what they are passionate about. They are doing the type of work that they enjoy. The money comes as a bonus to them. Sawyer Howitt himself has taught people that it is important to come up with the right mindset for success. Sawyer Howitt is not only a very giving person, but also one of the kindest people that anyone would talk to. They also have the understanding that they can’t do everything.

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