The Online Presence of Fabletics

We live in a digital world and more and more things are taking place online. Entire companies are being run completely online and are being very successful. Amazon is a great example of that. They are a company that is based solely online and make up about 20% of the fashion e-commerce market. Any company wishing to step into the fashion marketplace will need to be aware of Amazon and do what they can to set themselves apart from the giant.


Fabletics is one company that is up to the task. Fabletics is an online athletic wear company that was founded in October of 2013. Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg are the co-CEOs and they brought on Kate Hudson to be the face of the brand. The idea for Fabletics was inspired by an event in Don Ressler’s personal life. He and his wife are very athletic and spend a lot of time in athletic clothes. They noticed that there was not a lot of variety in athletic wear, and they set out to change that.


When Fabletics began, it was done entirely online. Customers came to the website and they signed up. They were asked questions about their preferences and what types of items they liked. These were tracked and a customized shopping experience was created. A custom shopping experience allowed customers to be shown items they were previously interested in and may be interested in in the future.


As Fabletics grew, the brand began to expand. They ventured out and created physical stores to sell their products in. These were instant hits because they already had a loyal fan base. By starting the business online, they were able to create a name for themselves and get the attentions of customers all over the world. When the physical stores opened, an established customer base was already present, and this proved to be a huge success. Research showed that between 30 -50% of the people setting foot into the Fabletics physical stores were already fans and customers of the products.


Fabletics is what happens when an idea is made into a reality. Don Ressler saw an issue with his everyday life, and he set out to solve that issue. The approach that was taken by Fabletics may seem backward to some but has proven to be a highly effective approach. Even with Amazon having such a presence on the internet, Fabletics has proven that a good idea and a strong business plan can go a long way. Fabletics has only been around for three years but they are here to stay.

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