Ways to improve your managerial skills

Thanks to his brilliant managerial skills, Josh Verne has turned out to be one of the best managers and entrepreneurs of our time. Below, he shares with us what he deems important for a manager to succeed.

– The most important thing is to do something you are passionate about. As a manager, you will always lack the will to wake up early to go to work if it doesn’t interest you. Great managers, therefore, find passion in their work.

– Something most managers miss a lot is that, they concentrate too much on the business, and forget to work on other various aspects that life offers, including their relationships and health. Successful managers are all rounded, finding time to polish every aspect of their lives well. The balance is key.

– Never speak more than you listen. Josh Verne stresses that this is equally important as any other managerial skill. He states that, the only reason people were created with two years and one mouth is so that they may be used in that proportion. Furthermore, it has been proved that there is more authority in using few words. Authority will earn you respect.

– Never act bossy in front of your juniors. This will only demean you. The best way to go is to be a leader. The difference is quite obvious. A leader is duly respected, whilst a boss demands to be respected.

– For your reputation to skyrocket, you have to be in good terms with your employees. This means that their needs should be put into consideration whenever you are making decisions. To achieve this, a brilliant manager will always strive to achieve a win-win situation, whenever following a plan of action. This will make your staff happy, and will be reflected in the business’ success.

About Josh Verne

Verne’s first entrepreneurial work came when he established workpays.me. The online website allowed those who had subscribed to it to make huge purchases, and the spending deducted from their payrolls. He came to sell the firm to Global Analytics Holdings in 2014.

Mr. Josh went on to found Flocku.com two year later, which has since then, gained huge popularity in colleges. Flocku.com targets college students, and enables them to share information conveniently. Through peer-to-peer connections, one can market products, and find information about emerging activities in other campuses.