What to look for in an SEC whistleblower attorney if you plan on reporting a securities violation

When someone decides to report a securities violation, they do not always think about hiring an SEC whistleblower attorney to help them.

In fact, this is the first thing you should do before filing any report with the SEC, as an attorney can make sure your securities violation report is filed correctly and that you are properly protected.

Does the law firm he works for only represent whistleblower cases? — You want to be sure the SEC whistleblower lawyer you eventually hire works for a firm that only takes whistleblower cases.

This is because they will have the specialty staff in place to represent you correctly, will have the experience necessary to properly represent an SEC whistleblower and will fully understand what are your rights.

How much experience do the lawyer and the firm have? — The next important thing is to find out how much experience both the lawyer and the firm have, how many cases they have represented and what has been their success rate.

Once you are armed with this knowledge, you can make a more informed decision as to whether they have the expertise and experience necessary to fully represent you against your former employer.

Do they inform you of all your monetary awards rights? — When it comes whistleblowing, there is a certain amount of money that can be awarded to the whistleblower themselves.

Does the law firm and the attorney you are meeting with point out how much this is likely to be, and do they also understand how much additional awards can be above and beyond the basic amount?

When you meet with an attorney, if he cannot explain to you quickly and easily how becoming a whistleblower may end up with you being financially rewarded, then he is not the person to represent you.

Does the law firm have a case evaluation system? — The last thing you will need to check before hiring a lawyer is if the law firm he works for has a case evaluation system in place.

By that it means there is a system in place where you can input all the details of your possible securities violation report, and your case can then be evaluated correctly.