Why Fabletics’ Tremendous Growth is Attributed to its Review-centric Marketing Strategies

The power of the crowd has been ruled out as the primary determinant of consumer purchases in the modern-day business world. This means that consumers usually look at personal recommendations and crowd-sourced reviews to make decisions on whether they will proceed with purchasing a product or service. In response to this consumer behavior shift, world-renowned brands have begun using review-centric marketing techniques.


Fabletics is among the world-renowned brands that are capitalizing on this consumer behavior shift. The online fashion retailer began operating in 2013. It recorded a 200 percent growth that amounts to $235 million in revenue. It also operates as a branch of TechStyle Fashion Group and currently has over one million subscribers.


According to TechStyle’s corporate marketing officer, Mr. Shawn Gold, Fabletics attributes most of its success to its review-centric marketing techniques. Fabletics grew by leveraging the popularity of reviews in modern-day business activities. Such reviews have been cited as the cause of customer retention, improved loyalty, and customer acquisition for diverse brands.


Based on the above facts about Fabletics, you should try and sign up for the company’s products. You can also take the Lifestyle Quiz, which is available on the company’s official website, to determine the outfit that is best for you. This simple quiz will ensure that you do not miss out on trendy athletic-wear products sold by Fabletics.


Great Power From Great Reviews


Genuine and authentic reviews benefit businesses in ways such as revenue generation, improved SEO rankings, and increased customer base. For SEO rankings, positive reviews enable a brand to be listed among the top search results. When reviews are incorporated into customer service approaches and product offerings, they lead to increase in loyal clients and revenue.


TechStyle Fashion Group operates based on the fact that crowd-sourcing enables a brand to be consumer-oriented and transparent. Shawn Gold believes that Fabletics is among the few companies that put themselves in the clients’ shoes to view the world in their eyes. Gold is certain that TechStyle Fashion Group improves clients’ lives by listening to their circumstances and tastes to understand their needs. According to him, TechStyle’s quality services and products are confirmed by clients’ direct opinions.


Kate Hudson and Fabletics


Kate Hudson is one of the influential people who has fostered Fabletics’ presence in mainstream media. Hudson, a popular actress, is the brand ambassador of the athletic-wear company. She was chosen by Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg, TechStyle’s founders, to be the image of Fabletics. Hudson bagged this role because she has an active lifestyle and is approachable. Fabletics’ president, Greg Throgmartin, said that since Hudson was appointed, she has been involved in social media strategy, budget review, and design processes.


When Forbes Magazine interviewed her regarding her role in Fabletics, Kate Hudson said that she is impressed with the strides she is making in business. She also pointed out that even though she is an actor, she will continue to expand her involvement in business. Hudson has been using her social media profiles to promote athletic wear items sold by Fabletics. She encourages her large fan-base to sign up for VIP membership and buy the fashion items.

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