With a Rocketship Education is a Blast

It is a sad state of affairs that in today’s society we cannot offer every child the best possible opportunities to succeed. This is quite evident in our public school system where increasingly schools in low-income areas are underfunded and overcrowded, with teachers who are underpaid, and students who consistently underachieve to their potential. This especially becomes a problem at the elementary level where young, impressionable kids are taught from an early age to not put in the effort or strive to reach their dreams and ambitions. Unfortunately, these sorts of bad habits will oftentimes stick with these children not only throughout the rest of their scholastic career but also their entire lives.

The fact that these kids are put at risk like this in the United States of America is an intolerable situation that must be remedied. Luckily there is an institution designed to combat this precise problem. Rocketship Education is a non-profit public school system whose sole vision is to eliminate the achievement gap caused by the socio-economic divergences in American society. Started in 2006 by co-founder and CEO Preston Smith, they are a Kindergarten through fifth-grade elementary school that strives to maximize at-risk student’s potential through a unique educational structure not found in the traditional public school system. Funding is provided through grants and donations giving an alternative to families who could otherwise not afford an alternative for their children so they have a real chance to succeed.

Rocketship Education operates on a tripartite system offering a unique and exceptional system designed to push students to their limits. There is an emphasis on individual learning and a portion of student learning is tailored to their individual learning patterns and interests. This is combined with traditional classroom activities, group assignments, and individual projects giving them a broader ranging learning structure. Teachers at Rocketship Education are highly trained and specialized in core areas of education including STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) and the humanities, with an emphasis in showing students how all these subjects are interwoven in society. Parents are also an integral part of their student’s education process, and in addition to helping out with take-home assignments, are also taught the importance of advocacy for their children in a public school system that often marginalizes and ignores the needs of at-risk children.